Headphones that Help You Sleep

Sleep has the potential to be either a sweet release from the stresses of the day or a massively frustrating, dreadful nighttime torture, and it all depends on you. For the insomniacs among us, the lightest sound can be so disturbing to sleep that they spend the entire night trying in vain to rest.

Fortunately, there are plenty of new forms of technology that have been invented for the express purpose of helping you get the sleep that you deserve. Headphones are just one great example of that technological trend.

The Advent of Headphones

Headphones were first invented in 1881, although these ten-pound behemoths certainly were not the type you’d want to put in your ears. In fact, some were almost the size of the user’s head.

Overhead headphone concepts were not put into production until the year 1910, when Nathaniel Baldwin began producing them for use by the military. These headphones bore the first resemblances to our modern headphones.

The first truly noise-canceling headphones were invented well before the 2000s, but only became commercially available to the average consumer in the year 2000.

In 2001, the iPod led to an increased popularity of in-ear headphones, resulting in a massive shift in the market toward these more economical headphones.

Sleep-Assisting Headphones

Modern headphones are capable of everything from preventing hearing damage from loud volumes to improving relaxation at night, but one of the most striking differences comes in the design of sleeping headphones.

If you were to tell one of the telephone operators from the 1880s about the AcousticSheep SleepPhones with their head-band style design and nested speakers, she would look at you as if you were insane.

Yet, here we are! Today’s headphones not only enable you to choose from a variety of compact and comfortable designs, they also enable you to find the perfect headset for your sleeping style.

Sleep on your back? Get in-ear headphones. Sleep on your side, covered in pillows? Use a headband style set of headphones.

AcousticSheep SleepPhones

As mentioned, these headphones come with a headband design meant to keep them from falling out of your ears while tossing and turning in sleep. They also have the added benefit of functioning as a sleep mask.

1Voice Sleep Headphones Eye Mask

This electronic sleep mask doesn’t even need batteries. Simply strap into the velvet mask and doze off while listening to your favorite sleeping music or ASMR.


Thanks to the miracles of modern technology, there are more ways to get a good night’s sleep now than ever before. Whatever your reason for a lack of sleep, sleep headphones might help you. 

If you’re still running into difficulties with sleep despite the soothing sounds and lack of noise, then your difficulty might be medical and you could possibly benefit from visiting your healthcare professional.

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