How to Boost the Signal Strength of Your Smartphone

Possibly even more frustrating than having no cell signal at all is having just enough signal to give you a glimmer of hope that your text or call will go through, only to be disappointed when it doesn’t. Don’t worry, though, if your smartphone shows some signal, there are steps you can take to boost it. 

How Does Signal Boosting Work?

Sometimes all you need to boost your signal is a change in perspective, and other times the use of an additional signal booster is necessary. Your smartphone already comes equipped with an antenna, but a signal booster is essentially a more effective one. 

Whether you need a high powered option or simply want a few tips for better cell service when things are a little weak, here are some ways to boost your smartphone signal. 

Coming in Clearly

Of course, the most certain way to boost your smartphone’s signal is to use an actual signal booster. If you’re not keen on buying one, you can fashion a low grade version of this technology yourself using items that are already in your home, like a charging cord and a pen. This basic antenna will help get a signal. 

If you’re simply in need of a few basic tips to get a clearer signal, her are some of the easiest ones:

  • Remove your phone case or any other potential blocks of signal
  • Walk outside or near a window 
  • Keep your battery charged, as searching for signal takes power
  • Make sure your SIM card isn’t damaged or dirty

In some cases, you simply won’t be able to get a signal, but often times easy fixes like these can help boost your smartphone’s service.