How to Turn Off Location Tracking

There was a time when you could take a walk, go to the store, or visit a friend and no one would know where you were if you hadn’t told them, but those days are long gone now. Today, your every move is tracked by your smartphone, but there are ways to disable that function and go totally incognito. 

A Virtual Breadcrumb Trail

Even if you don’t choose to share your location with specific apps or people, your smartphone is still tracking your location, unless you explicitly tell it not to. This is why your phone may ask about your experience at a restaurant a few minutes after leaving, or prompt you with ads from a store you visited yesterday. 

If you don’t love the idea of a tech company knowing your every move, take a few minutes to turn off location tracking on your phone. 

Cutting The Signal

Turning off location tracking will look a little different depending on what type of phone you have. If you have an iPhone, you can stop location tracking by going to your settings, clicking on privacy, and then location services. You’ll have the option to stop tracking your location entirely, or just with certain apps. 

If you have an Android, it’s a little more complicated. You will still need to go to your settings, then click on accounts. From there, you will go to Google account, and find the data and personalization section. Once you find the section for activity controls, you can go through and delete your data. 

The idea of being watched is always a little eerie, so give yourself the comfort of privacy by turning off location tracking.