Using AI to Improve Customer Relations

If you’ve ever logged into a website and received an instant message in a popup or side window from somebody greeting you and asking to let them know if you need any help, chances are you haven’t encountered an extremely diligent sales team but a well-designed AI.

AI stands for artificial intelligence. Think “robots.” These AI messengers can help boost the conversion rate of even the most at-risk website for your firm.

The Origins of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence was arguably first featured in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein in 1818, although specialists argue over whether the definition of AI should be broad enough to cover all artificially created intelligences such as Frankenstein’s monster or limited solely to robotic intelligences.

If the latter, the first definite concept of AI appears in an article entitled “Darwin Among the Machines” written in 1863 by Samuel Butler. Butler would later, in 1872, write the first novel dealing with the theme of AI and self-replicating machine intelligence.

The first physical manifestation of an attempt to create AI, however, came around 1951 when scientists at Dartmouth College attempted to create an intelligent computer.

AI and the Ability to Adapt

No true AI exists today, perhaps for the greater good of the human race. In 2017, researchers at Facebook decided to shut down their famous attempt at creating artificial intelligences after the AIs decided to spurn the researchers and create their own language.

Once the AIs began communicating with each other in what, to the researchers, was gibberish, the researchers decided to shut them down. While the chatbots technically satisfied every single task that the researchers gave them, they were not instructed to speak in English and quickly abandoned it in favor of more effective shorthand to streamline conversation.

Is AI a Threat to Human Existence or a Valuable Ally in Future Learning?

According to Hollywood, the answer is the former. Films such as the Terminator franchise and iRobot serve as a dire warning against the dangers of AI, and the popular TV Series Lost in Space paints a mixed picture.

However, the outlook in Star Wars and Star Trek is very different. While Star Trek does have existential threats to humanity such as the Borg, both it and Star Trek also feature sentient “androids” or “droids” that not only make life better, but also enjoy doing so.


How does any of this apply to customer relations? Simple: the Facebook chatbot AIs serve to demonstrate the functionality of using AI to optimize chatbot discussions.

This could potentially be reorganized to be implemented on website homepages. AIs could directly engage consumers and turn low passive sales rates into high active sales from both prospective and returning clients. 

Just be sure not to give your chatbot any weapons! That is, unless you’re in the business of selling doomsday bunkers.

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