How to Convert CDA to MP3

How many mix CDs do you have lying around that you burnt ages ago, before you could plug your phone into your car to play music? Wouldn’t you love to hear what’s on those CDs again? The problem is, when you upload CDA files to your computer, you may not be able to listen to them without converting them to MP3 files first. 

Understanding CDA

While it may appear that you have usable files ripped from a CD, they may be in CDA format, which is essentially just a shortcut to the actual disc. Basically, CDA files do not contain any actual audio themselves, they just indicate that a file containing audio does exist. 

As you probably know, MP3 files are some of the most popular audio files in existence, and converting your CDAs to MP3s isn’t all that difficult if you know what to look for. 

The Conversion Process

In order to convert your CDA files, you’ll need some sort of audio software that has this capability. While you can download a third party software if you should do wish, it’s much easier to simply use iTunes or Windows Media Player, one of which your computer is bound to have already. 

For either iTunes or Windows Media Player, you’ll first have to import the CDA files that you’d like to convert. In iTunes, you can simply choose “File” then “Convert” and change all of the selected audio to MP3. In Windows Media Player, just alter your rip settings to convert to MP3 automatically and you’ll be good to go. 

Converting CDA to MP3 isn’t difficult if you know how to do it, and it will allow you to listen to that audio that has been held captive in a less than helpful format.