How to Guess A Password

If everyone were completely honest, they’d have to admit that they’ve been tempted to guess at someone else’s password a time or two. Curiosity is simply part of human nature, regardless of from where that curiosity stems. Whether you want to take a look at someone else’s account, or even guess a password of your own that you’ve forgotten, there are some easy tips you can utilize to do it. 

Not All That Secure

The reality is that, in general, humans don’t have great memories. This means that they often reuse the same password, or the same few passwords, for practically every account. It also means that guessing someone’s password is quite a bit simpler than you’d imagine. 

Unless someone is seriously dedicated to protecting their cyber security, their password isn’t going to be a random series of keys that’s impossible to crack. Instead, you’ll probably have a fair amount of luck guessing a password with these simple tricks. 

Using Human Nature

Funny enough, people tend to employ the same methods for coming up with passwords, which makes guessing them a fairly standard pursuit. Bear in mind some general facts, like:

  • If a password requires a number, it will probably be a 1 or a 2 located at the end
  • If an uppercase letter is required, it will likely come at the beginning
  • People, especially women, tend to use names in their passwords
  • The more you know about someone the easier it will be to guess their password (birthdays, pets, hobbies, etc.)

Of course, there are more technical ways to acquire passwords, but those are options only worth exploring if your first guesses are unsuccessful and you’re truly bound and determined to gain access to an account. 

Invading someone’s privacy is never a good idea, but there are plenty of legitimate reasons to guess at a password, and these tips will help you guess right.