How to Organize Apps on PC or Mac

How many individual icons appear when you look at your computer apps?

Is it enough that you struggle to find the one you’re looking for right away? Most people have no idea how much time they would save by more efficiently arranging their apps, and they also don’t realize how many apps they’re actually sifting through.

If you’re ready to get your computer organized, your apps are a great place to really sink your teeth into this project.

Understanding Apps

Often, the term “apps” is associated with smartphones. People tend to think of apps as mobile games or social media services. In reality, an app is just a software program that runs on any platform, not specifically cell phones. 

With this knowledge, you can begin to understand just how many apps are on your computer. Your calculator function? That’s an app. Your built in chat system? That’s an app, too. So how can you organize this plethora of software?

Managing The Mess

If you keep your apps on your desktop, an easy way to organize them is obviously to break them down into different categories and store them in folder. It’s more likely, though, that whether you’re using a Mac or a PC your apps are stored in your dock or somewhere else in your system.

On a Windows, go to your “all apps” section and create a pin to start a new tile. Once you’ve created tiles for all of the apps in a specific group, say they’re editing apps, you can drag them upwards until a bar appears, which you can rename to fit the group of apps.

On a Mac, open your launchpad and create folders for your different groups of apps. After that, simply drag the apps to their appropriate folders.

It might seem like a small step toward organizing your digital life, but you’d be surprised just how much clutter managing your apps will cut out.