How to Play Mp4 Videos on A PC

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You could think of Mp4 files as a utility player format—they’re versatile and work across platforms for the most part, but if you find yourself having trouble playing an Mp4 on your computer, there are a few ways you can address it. 

When Will You See An Mp4?

Some of the most common scenarios in which you’ll see an Mp4 are when you rip a DVD onto your computer, or when you download a video from the Internet. Because they are a somewhat compressed file, someone who needs to send you a short video that includes audio will probably use an Mp4 file. 

However you wind up with an Mp4 file, you will obviously need to open it. There are a number of different options for achieving that goal. 

Playing the Videos

The great thing about common file types is that most computers are automatically equipped to support them. If you’re using a relatively new operating system, you should only need to double click on an Mp4 file, then your default software will begin to play it.

If you’re using an older computer, or yours doesn’t want to open the file for some reason, you can also download a third party application like VLC Media Player.  Once you’ve done that, just open the program and import your Mp4 files. You may have to tweak your display settings, but this can easily be done in a few minutes.

Having a video file that you can’t watch is like having a present you can’t open or a car you can’t drive: it’s frustrating. Luckily, there are easy solutions for playing Mp4 videos on your PC.