How to Remove The Password from A Zip File Without Knowing The Password

Think of your computer as a one bedroom apartment. There’s enough space for you to live comfortably, but if you have an excessive amount of stuff, it might get too crowded.

Extra storage comes at a premium, so you have to find ways to compress, and a Zip file is one of the easiest ways to do that. However, things get tricky when you run into a password that you don’t know protecting one of these files. 

Secure and Space-saving 

Zip files are essentially just like a regular folder, only they’ve been compressed. This not only saves space for storage purposes, it also makes it possible to email someone a larger number of files in a single go. Since Zip files can be secured with a password, it’s possible you might receive one that’s been protected this way when you don’t know the password. 

Whether you cannot or don’t want to get in touch with the person who first established the password, there are ways you can crack the code, but they come with some risks.

Gaining Access

Before you set out to remove the password from a protected Zip file, you should understand that there’s no way to do this without first cracking the current password, and the only sure way to do that is to utilize some sort of software.

You can find a number of free options online, but if you want to ensure your computer won’t get infected, you can also download a version that you pay for. Once you have gained access to the file, you will be able to see the current password and can remove it in the settings if you should so wish.  

Opening a password protected Zip file is bound to take some time, but once you’ve gained access, you don’t have to worry about running into the same issue again.