How to Set The Default Audio Track in VLC

There are few programs that can work seamlessly across different platforms all over the world.

Open-source options like VLC work hard to provide users with the best viewing options, but sometimes things get lost in translation—literally. If you don’t know how to set your default audio, you could be watching your favorite show in another language. 

Why Use VLC at All?

Unlike many media players, VLC is compatible will all different operating systems, and it even has a number of filters that allow you to perform unusual functions with video. Plus, it’s free, which is one of the biggest reasons that it’s so popular to be sure. 

Because it doesn’t read region, VLC requires a little bit of legwork on your part to tailor to your needs. Luckily, navigating the software’s audio settings is a relatively simple task. 

Updating Your Preferences

VLC is highly customizable, so there are quite a few settings to wade through in order to find the ones responsible for audio. You’ll want to first find your way to your preferences via your VLC tools. From there, select simple settings and click the audio section on the left. 

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see an option to enter your preferred language. You can also update your subtitle preference to the same language. Once you’ve taken care of these two items, your default audio should be set in your language of choice for all future VLC use, and you’ll know how to find your way to the same settings in the future. 

Even simple software like VLC can feel confusing if you don’t know where to look—updating your audio settings is quick and painless, and will make your viewing experience worlds better.